Through the Eyes of a Child, the Tsunami Generation

From: Cincom Systems
Published: Fri Mar 25 2005

CINCINNATI, Ohio ƒ{ March, 25, 2005 ƒ{ Christian Children¡¦s Fund (CCF) and Cincom Systems, Inc.¡¦s Expert Access e-zine have teamed up to tell the story of the younger tsunami victims. The story, titled ¡§Through the Eyes of a Child,¡¨ depicts what the young victims of the tsunami saw, felt, remember, and now fear. It also addresses the urgent needs that now face these children and CCF¡¦s heroic efforts to fill them.

¡§Through the Eyes of a Child¡¨ was published today by Cincom¡¦s Expert Access e-zine and can be read at

¡§The CCF¡¦s most urgent need at the moment is to keep our Child Centered Spaces operating with all of the materials/supplies they need for the children as well as teachers and child protection specialists. Each Child Centered Space costs approximately $15,000 and they have dozens of them in operation right now in three countries. In India alone, the CCF has 80 and that number may reach 100 depending on the needs,¡¨ said Toni Radler, CCF¡¦s Director of Communications.

¡§Through the Eyes of a Child¡¨ also includes on-the-scene photos of former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton visiting CCF¡¦s facilities as well as a very inspirational photo of a group of children that outran the tsunami ¡K 100,000 other children didn¡¦t.

¡§We know that all humans are of one family, and that we are all brothers and sisters. But, this is somewhat abstract. The Christian Children¡¦s Fund sees, understands and feels this idea much more concretely, and that¡¦s why the CCF works so closely and so intimately to aid and assist children everywhere. The CCF Tsunami Relief effort is just one more example of the charitable and loving care for which the Christian Children¡¦s Fund has been so well respected and trusted all over the world," said Cincom CEO Thomas Nies.

About the Christian Children¡¦s Fund
CCF is an international child development organization that works in 32 countries, assisting approximately 7.6 million children and family members regardless of race or creed. CCF has been working in Indonesia since 1973 assisting more than 161,500 children and family members yearly, and in India since 1951, assisting more than 500,000 children and family members.

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