Texas Home School Organization Backs Governor

Published: Fri Dec 02 2005

Lubbock, Texas; December 2, 2005 – Governor Rick Perry’s re-election campaign was officially endorsed by the home school political action committee, the Texas Home School Coalition PAC (THSC PAC). The group, which endorses candidates who are favorable to home schooling and parental rights, cites Governor Perry’s consistent support on significant issues as the primary factor in the endorsement.

"It’s important to our entire list of almost 70,000 Texas home schoolers to keep an eye on the public policies and legislation within the state and on the decision makers who implement them," explains THSC PAC chairman Tim Lambert, "The PAC’s decision reflects the views of the vast majority of these families and officially acknowledges Governor Perry’s contributions to the home school community through his actions and decisions."

Under Perry’s leadership, the Department of Family and Protective Services has appointed a new commissioner with a heightened sensitivity to home school issues, reducing friction that had existed under former governors. Perry also publicly proclaimed at the THSC Rally at the Capitol this past April his intention to veto any legislation that would erode home school freedoms.

"Governor Perry has been a true friend to the home schooling community," says Lambert, "By supporting his re-election efforts, we hope to assure that we continue to benefit from his common-sense leadership style and home-school-friendly policies."

Company: THSC PAC
Contact Name: Tim Lambert
Contact Email: tim@thsc.org
Contact Phone: 806-744-4441

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