Google To Launch Smart ‘Goggles’ By Christmas, Says SEO Company SachaMango

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Published: Fri Mar 16 2012

An anonymous Google employee familiar with the project leaked the development of the futuristic glasses to the New York Times in December, since when more information has come to light about Google’s unique Head Up Display (HUD) project.

The glasses will blur the lines between virtual reality and real life by having a small screen within them which can generate readable information within the wearer’s field of view that will refresh as they move their head look at different objects in their surroundings. For example, the wearer might look at a restaurant and immediately be provided with reviews and information about the quality of the food and service.

It is also speculated that the glasses will have a ground-breaking navigation system that will allow the wearer to scroll through information by tilting their head. The wearer may also be able to receive information about whether any friends or family are nearby, and it is likely that the glasses will have audio input and output, along with a hardware set up similar to a Smartphone.

Although the glasses were originally believed to be based on the Linux platform Android, it has since transpired that in fact they will communicate directly with the Cloud over IP and come with GPS and motion sensors, and a 3G or 4G data connection. However it is the presence of a low-resolution built-in front facing camera with a flash that has sparked privacy concerns. Google has remained tight-lipped about how it intends to ensure wearers will make others aware when the glasses are recording them, although the anonymous source revealed that Google is actively discussing the implications.

A spokesperson for SEO Company SachaMango Media, said: "This is a very exciting project that Google is working on, but as ever privacy issues are dogging the Company at every turn. At the moment it looks as if the camera is likely to be very small, so the quality of the photos may not be very good. However, the fact remains that these goggles are designed to look like normal thick-rimmed sunglasses and will blend in, so many people will be unaware they could be being filmed covertly.

"There’s also the issue of distraction. While someone is trying to read all the information popping up on their screen, will they really be paying a lot of attention to where they are walking? There will almost inevitably be accidents as there are now with distracted phone users, and you have to wonder whether that there will be a ban on wearing the glasses while driving. However, with the goggles designed to look like normal sunglasses, how will the police be able to enforce that? It sounds like it won’t be an easy task telling the goggles from an ordinary pair of normal thick rimmed sunglasses."

Google is unsure just how much mass-market appeal the glasses will have and may decide to beta-test a limited number first, but if successful the glasses could hit the online market in time for Christmas, with sources pointing towards a likely cost of between £160 and £380 per pair.
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