Lennox Hill Ltd launches a major upgrade to its online isoTracker Complaints Management software

From: Lennox Hill Ltd
Published: Sun Mar 25 2012

Lennox Hill Ltd today announces the launch of version 2.0 of its Complaints Handling module as part of its long term plan of continuously adding features and modules to its online isoTracker Quality Management Software.

The upgrade to the Customer Complaints module is intended to give it an enterprise potential with greater flexibility, additional features and improved reports. This upgrade comes shortly after the launch of a Competency Testing module in September 2011 and an upgrade to the Document Control module in January 2012.

The upgrade to the Complaints module introduces the following important features:

• An improved layout that makes it easier to assign tasks, act on them, issue reminders when completion is delayed, comment on their results and keep the complainant informed of progress
• Ability to create multiple complaint numbering systems based on location, type or any other identification
• Addition of a Non-Conformance and Root cause section that can be added to and edited throughout the complaint process
• Addition of a Payment section which can also be added to and edited during the complaint process
• Greater flexibility in activating and tailoring fields across the various features
• Improved search facility and improved trending of prior complaints
• Multiple reminders in the CAPA section to ensure that critical tasks are completed in a timely fashion
• Ability to re-activate closed complaints
• And much more…

As an online application the Complaints module provides the ability for clients of isoTracker to log complaints safely from any location and to assign tasks similarly to their staff located around the globe. The new reminder and escalation features ensures that assigned tasks are followed-up to completion.

"With this important upgrade the isoTracker Customer Complaint module now meets the functionality requirement of larger companies while improving its ease-of-use and keeping to its competitive price positioning. We will continue to add features across the board to all our modules so as to broaden the appeal of our offering" said Christopher Stainow, Chief Executive of Lennox Hill Ltd.

Lennox Hill has also announced that it has started work on version 2.0 of its Audits module. In addition Lennox Hill informs that it has increased its development potential and will be planning to perform at least two (2) major launches or upgrades during a calendar year. They inform that a new Equipment Maintenance module will follow after the upgrade to the Audits module.

A 60-day FREE demo of Lennox Hill’s product offering is available on their website http://www.lennoxhill.co.uk.

Operating out of London, UK and Madurai, India, Lennox Hill Ltd is a unique provider of hosted software solutions for effective management of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 processes. The current offering includes modules for document control, complaints management, audits, competency testing and CAPA.
Company: Lennox Hill Ltd
Contact Name: Christopher Stainow
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