Revinetix Sentio™ 4400 Enables City of Georgetown to Cut Backup Window in Half with Reliable Disaste

From: Revinetix
Published: Sat Dec 03 2005

Revinetix, a pioneer in Disk2Disk2Disk™ backup solutions, today announced that the City of Georgetown, Texas has installed a Sentio™ 4400 backup appliance to safeguard the City’s network servers. The move to Revinetix’ disk-based disaster recovery solution has enabled Georgetown to cut the time required to backup its servers in half and avoid the backup failures and lost catalogs of its former tape-based solution.

"We are doing Red Hat®, SUSE®, Netware®, and Windows®, backing up more than 1 terabyte of data," said John Applewhaite, Network Manager for City of Georgetown. "It used to take more than 20 hours to complete a full backup on tape, and I always worried about the backup software crashing and losing my catalog. I like Revinetix because we are now doing backup to disk in half the time. What used to take 20 or 30 minutes to restore, now takes maybe ten. Revinetix makes my life a whole lot easier."

The City of Georgetown operates a diverse network environment spread across multiple city buildings with machines running on a host of different operating systems. These computers are used to support police computer-aided dispatch (CAD), 911 call recording, building door security, and other city services. Key considerations for Georgetown’s purchase of the Revinetix device included its support for so many different operating systems, Sentio’s ease of use, and its ability to interface with Georgetown’s existing tape library used for historical archiving.
San Antonio-based IS Systems, a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for Revinetix, supported the City of Georgetown through an initial trial of the Sentio 4400 and the eventual purchase of the unit, along with Revinetix’ tape support software.

"The City first did extensive testing to prove that it would work; they have to watch their tax payers’ money very closely," said Alex Pearson, President of IS Systems. "What appealed the most was how Revinetix could backup so many different operating systems and so many devices simultaneously. Georgetown’s tape solution could not do that. Another draw of the Revinetix device was its cost per megabyte backed up, and its ability to meet backup windows. The City already had a SAN device, but it would cost more to upgrade that than to add a Revinetix device."

The Sentio 4400 is currently Revinetix’ premier backup appliance model, offering up to 5.6TB of total storage capacity in a 4U rack-mount size. The MSRP of the Sentio 4400 is $34,995. Like other Revinetix devices, the Sentio comes pre-loaded with all of the software required to backup an entire network, including full Bare Metal Restore (BMR) software. Typical standard features of Revinetix’ backup appliances include high speed Intel Xeon processors, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet controllers, dual load-sharing redundant power supplies, hardware RAID, and hot-swappable serial ATA drives – features designed to support unlimited off-site storage and greater reliability and speed compared to traditional tape backup systems.

The City of Georgetown also purchased Revinetix’ new tape archive support software. Now available for $4495, this tape support software comes bundled with a SCSI controller card and is designed for Revinetix’ appliance to manage backup sets to a tape library -- to support legacy tape archiving systems.

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