Hookahs, Friends, and XM Powered Rock and Roll

From: Bahrani Distribution Corp.
Published: Sat Dec 03 2005

Bahrani Distribution’s SmokeandHookah.com has experienced rapid growth over the last few weeks. That is of no surprise to them since they have an extremely aggressive marketing strategy which extends out to the Spring of 2006. At which point, the company promises an even stronger marketing plan. In an effort to build a larger user base, SmokeandHookah.com and BowlofSmoke.com are giving away a free XM Satellite Radio system.

Customers already registered at either web site are entered into the drawing and all users who register before December 30th will be eligible for the prize. Acting vice president of Bahrani Distribution Corp., and Investment Manager of Bahrani’s parent company, Jason Standard Corp., Jason Bland said Thursday, "The XM Hookah-Up is a unique campaign to bring people to the site. We want to introduce non-smokers to the concept of hookahs and our target market relates to items like the XM Radio."

While it is not necessary to purchase anything to be eligible for XM Hookah-Up, buying does increase your odds. The winner will be selected from a computer generated random drawing system. Every item a customer purchases counts as an additional entry into the drawing system. So a customer who purchases three items has their name in the drawing four times.

SmokeandHookah.com will be having many sales and discount offers all through December but each offer will be less attractive than the last. Until December 30th , the store has a store-wide 12% discount which will be lowered each week until the first of 2006. New items are entered each day on SmokeandHookah.com and BowlofSmoke.com so Bahrani Distribution encourages users to take advantage of the discounts quickly.
Company: Bahrani Distribution Corp.
Contact Name: Aaron Butts
Contact Email: info@smokeandhookah.com
Contact Phone: 8136003017

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