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Published: Wed Apr 04 2012

ServiceMaster of Victoria offers all of the imaginable cleaning tasks like vacuuming, cleaning floors, carpet cleaning, and daily house-keeping services. ServiceMaster of Victoria is professional and efficient and they provide high quality services. They use the ServiceMaster Clean CAPTURE & REMOVAL system, a new initiative with which the company makes full use of non toxic cleaning agents – food-grade, biodegradable and free from harsh chemicals - for the cleaning process. The use of natural products for cleaning services is quite an advantage and the company will not charge any additional costs for their use. The efficiency gained during the cleaning process more than offsets any extra costs associated with higher material costs. These are the standard practices at ServiceMaster of Victoria and are the basis of assessing an effective cleaning program that ensures that the activities do not have adverse effects on cleaning and office staff.

ServiceMaster Clean - Cleaning Products

The company makes use of green products such as recycled paper and micro fiber cloths for the cleaning procedures. This has been made easier by the green purchasing policy that the company uses to always ensure that they get the best green products in the market. It is not surprising that the company builds good relations with the vendors of the products so that it can be able to make the purchases at cheaper prices. In most cases, all the purchases green products are usually certified by a third party environmental organization and they are thus best to use for domestic and office cleaning. The main benefit is they have the smallest or no impact at all to the health of the occupants.

ServiceMaster Clean – Training Program

As part of any green cleaning program, the company includes training services throughout the company, from occupants to workers. This is because it will be useless to implement green services if the workers have no idea how to use the products effectively. These training programs usually cover things like proper restroom sanitation and daily house-keeping procedures, proper mixing of cleaning chemicals at specific ratios, equipment maintenance as well as proper chemical handling techniques.

Green Janitorial Services – Unique features

• A complete line of proprietary cleaning agents that work, are safe and adhere to the strictest environmental standards.
• Systematized procedures and training programs that create a culture of empowered, motivated cleaning staff.
• The backing of a leading Fortune 500 Company.
• Industry leading expertise and technical knowledge.
• Specialized cleaning and restoration divisions.
• A cohesive national and international network of owner operated companies.
• Expert management training and systems.
About ServiceMaster of Victoria

ServiceMaster of Victoria is a local cleaning company providing services in and surrounding Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The company is part of an international network of cleaning service providers for homes and offices, offering services in Canada for over 60 years. ServiceMaster of Victoria has earned the highest reputation as cleaning specialists, providing quality service and professional expertise.
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