Velvet Rope Angels ™ Will Get You Past the Gatekeeper Doorman And Into Nightclub Heaven!

From: Centerfold Strips
Published: Thu Apr 05 2012

Have you ever tried getting into an exclusive trendy nightclub if you are flying solo, or with a bunch of dudes and been denied entry? Have you ever tried to impress your male business associates or clients by taking them to the hottest nightclub in town? Good luck getting past the velvet ropes and the egomaniac bouncer! You stand about a snowballs chance in hell on getting inside. You can hear the dj spinning and people laughing and partying it up while you are your pals are freezing your asses off on the sidewalk like some second class citizens! We feel your frustration and embarrassment, and help is on the way!

Centerfold Strips has the solution to your nightlife dilemma, and your key past the gatekeeper! Our gorgeous, professional strippers and exotic dancers are now available for booking to accompany you and your friends for a night of partying at the club. Clubs typically like to maintain a four-to-one ratio of women to men, so come prepared with enough centerfold models to make it seem like your entourage won’t flood the dance floor with testosterone.

As an added benefit, the Velvet Rope Angels ™ will even be your "wingmen" and help you hook up with other girls in the club! Ever notice how easy it is to hook up when you are hanging out with hot girls? Note – costs do not include parking, cover charge, coat check and drinks. We highly recommend that everyone in your group is properly dressed, and be prepared to pay for bottle service.
For more information or to book the Velvet Rope Angels™ from Centerfold Strips please call 1-877-427-8747.

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Centerfold Strips, established in 1996, has been a leader and innovator in the adult entertainment industry. Centerfold Strips’ national agency is based in New York and represents the hottest male and female exotic dancers, strippers and novelty entertainers including little people strippers, midget strippers, dwarf strippers, belly dancers, overweight strippers, drag queens & celebrity impersonators. Centerfold Strips provides service to all events including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, retirement parties, graduation parties, holiday parties, birthday parties, fraternity rush parties, sorority parties, corporate events, graduation parties, super bowl parties and all sporting events.
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