Smokers Unite, But Please Take Flight!

From: Indoor health Care Network
Published: Sun Dec 04 2005

Mayor Bloomberg is the golden poster mayor who brazenly took New Yorker’s smokes out of their mouths at restaurants and in ALL public places, in what was fearfully going to be the most Mid-evil era of closing down a city’s whole society and culture…and yet, New Yorkers survived, and thrived; so guess what?

Bill Zimmermann, Executive Director of Indoor Health Care Network, says: "Find me a New Yorker today that would like to go into a bar or restaurant and want to smell a cigarette—the notion is anathema."

Things have indeed quickly changed in New York State's prior smoking culture.

Zimmermann adds: "It's less than three years later. The idea of someone smoking in your breathing atmosphere is, well, disgusting."

Remember the days when restaurants were divided into smoke sections? Was it Woody Allen who said "dividing a restaurant into a smoking section is like dividing a pool into a peeing section."?

And yet, is it prehistoric or prehisteric that there are still several states that allow open smoking?

To New Yorkers, surprisingly, the critical question is why? The argument on behalf of smokers' rights is to a New Yorker seemingly rediculous, as ludicsously that of PCB Polluters' rights. It has in fact become a lost, past tense, foolish, and --wrong cause argument.

New Yorkers, likely the worst of smokers historically, now adamently don’t want it in public, anywhere, at all, at any time.
The smoking in public era is dead in New York, and will catch on in every state soon, not later.

"Interesting to watch the rest of the states follow--they will," said Zimmermann. adding "When they do, it’ll take but a year for everyone to wonder why it didn’t happen sooner, much healthier sooner."

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