Gary Beaver, Archbishop of the old Catholic Church condemns senseless attack on Christians

From: Old Catholic Church of Great Britain
Published: Sun Dec 04 2005

Christian students, on their way to a Bible Study graduation ceremony were viciously attacked in Kota, India, the ordeal being taped on amateur camera.

Archbishop Gary Beaver of the Old Catholic Church displayed his sorrow at the depraved nature of the attack, and the manner in which it was dealt with by Indian authorities. His Eminence asked; "why the victims, and not the perpetrators were held overnight in a police station for questioning?"

The western world seems to have been shrouded from the seriousness of violence against Christians in India. It seems to be in the interest of both the western and Indian world that a veil is thrown over India’s intolerance of the growth of Christianity.

Pastor Isaac Raju was murdered last year for bringing Hindu’s to Christ, his grieving, distraught widow explained how she last saw her husband when he went to catch a bus, several days later she was called to identify his body, which she could only do so by his clothes, as his face had been barbarically removed.
Another evangelist’s widow, Hepsibah also mourns the death of her husband Daniel. Hepsibah, living in hardship, finds solace in the fact that her husband is in heaven, martyred for Christ.

Archbishop Gary Beaver asks why the rest of the world is kept in ignorance to the low value of Christian life in India. He states " it is the duty of the rest of the world, all nations irrespective of creed, to speak out against this outrage. Perhaps then, the Indian Government maybe moved into recognising the human rights of Indian Christians"

Jay Kumar, an evangelist and his five students from the Gospel For Asia seminary were attacked, with Jay being hospitalized from his injuries.
Jay Kumar can finds a certain ‘joy’ in his persecution, like the apostles did in Acts 5:40-42

‘And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name’
Evangelist Am Gopal was also beaten, his perpetrators shouting and searching for a gun.

Pastor Shaji Verghese from the India Evangelical Team, IET, has made his goal to plant nearly 8,000 churches throughout India by 2010, with more than 4500 churches started already.

India’ so called untouchables , the Dalits who are the most poorest, are coming to Christ in great numbers.

Archbishop Gary Beaver said " God has expressed himself through poverty. He showed the world his love, by giving us his only son. The Dalits are being told of God’s unconditional love, a love which focus’s the eye on heaven and not on earthly possessions. Jesus is a hope, and a love that offers escape from the terrible caste system, of which they rank the lowest."
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