Sleep Diet & Exercise, the Three Legged Fitness Stool

From: Indoor Health Care Network
Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Check out and learn that sleep is the deprived tenor in the trio, where Americans have lost about an hour or two a night from forty years ago.

"We slept more," Bill Zimmermann, director of Indoor Health Care Network says, adding "yet we ate more and exercised less-- and weighed less to boot."

Sleep causes fat burning enzymes to work, and when we sleep deprived of thjis metabolism, we entter the realm of the epidemic obesity and diabetes world now focused in America.

"Americans need pure air, deep sleep,' Zimmermann says, and their product, REM Mate, promises this, with a 30 day refund guarantee. The unit costs about $300, and does the job to purify the bedroom air, induce deep sleep, and raise a fitness level in the consumer.

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