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Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Before It's Too Late Here Are Some Do It Yourself Tips!

Tips to help you locate the missing person you are looking for. We call this method the 'Area Focused Search' ... And it works!

1) .. You must have an idea of at least the general area of where the missing person may have gone or was taken to. This general area will be your starting point, because without at least this knowledge, the world will just be too big of a nut to crack.

2) .. Determine to the best of your knowledge if the missing person ran away, was abducted or was coerced. If you can't figure out the situation then try and get a missing persons profile done to know whether or not they have runaway tendencies and other information that will help you better focus your search, including possible destinations that would suit their character .. if that was the plan.

3) .. Gather all those friends and all other interested parties to help you out in your search. Simple logistics .. the more people you enlist the better the (search area) impact will be, more coverage, more eyes and hears on the ground.

4) .. Be prepared to spread some cash incentives around for solid leads. Rewards seldom work no matter how large they are ... but on the spot cash do! (recommended!)

5) .. Prepare a few dozen or more good quality photos (5x6) of the missing person with your contact details inscribed on each photo ... If your in a foreign country, get a cell phone with a local number (recommended!)

6) .. You and your search team should now thoroughly saturate the suspected area. Talk to everyone, owners and managers of bars, restaurants, hotels, motels, drop-in centers, street people in the know, low cost apts, rooming houses ... etc ... etc! Handout the missing persons photos, offer cash compensation for solid leads to those who may have information (Paid Only On Delivery)

7) .. For foreign related searches make sure you know the lay of the land .. you'll need to make good local contacts to help you along. Caution is advised in foreign lands as you don't know who or what you may be stirring up!

8) .. In person, go and do a local public records search .. or have a barrister, lawyer, notary or some other local official do it for you if in a foreign country.

Here we have outlined 8 should do tips for your search criteria, with more information on our site, as well as a few links to official police sites offering a more in depth explanation of what missing people, runaways and missing persons in general may up against ... and to say the least, their future may be very bleak if not located ... The keys to locating someone are within you, stay involved!

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