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Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Livonia, MI -- The Key To Real Estate Investment Success is arranging for exit strategies from rental properties. The emphasis in "Mr. Lease Option's" Seminars is placed on real life Real Estate Investing. Mr. Mark Maupin, will conduct a New Investor-Landlord's special course on options for Monday, December 19, 2005.

It doesn't matter whether an investment is "buy and hold" or find and sell. You must arrange for exit strategies from your rental properties to control your cash flow and liquidity.

Here's how Ralph Marcus (Mark) Maupin, "Mr. Option", who has bought and sold over 3500 homes in the past decade did it, "his way."

During a certain period of time, Mr. Maupin had over 300 rental properties and was over-buying.

Things were out of control with his rental properties. So, Maupin and his team created a uniquely custom Lease with Option to Buy Program, which he utilized to sell most of these rental properties.

Rent to Own, Lease Option, Lease with Option to Purchase all mean the same thing in general usage.

A lease is simply a rental agreement that is for a set period of time (i.e. twelve months rental period -V.s.-, a month-to-month period called a rental.

The Lease with Option to buy Program resulted in the following benefits for for the landlord:

1. Signifigant Higher Income and Longer term tenants.

2. Committed Tenants who take pride in ownership, by making improvements to the property

3. Utilizing extremely effective national Credit Restoration and financial experts, such as Patrick Munce, "Mr. Credit", to restructure the credit profiles and rework the back end financing opportunities for the tenants to help landlords find a way out of their overwhelm.

4. Creating Sales that could not of happened otherwise, at much higher market prices

Tenants might not necessarily know the meaning of "Lease with Option to Buy", but they do know the term, "Rent to Own"!

1.Investors can generally expect five times the number of responses on a lease with Option to buy than a regular "For Rent" ad.

2. Since they are interested in owning a property,
The tenants who call are more responsible and serious about owning their next home. option allows the Investor to provide the tenants an opportunity to own that is otherwise unavailable.

4.People looking to buy with a lease option are generally willing to pay a slightly higher sales price, often 15% higher, due to seller softer sales terms.

Find out what hidden benefits are in an option

What is needed to effectively set up a Lease Option buy?

No matter what your investment plan or strategy, options can be used to produce better profits and less "management intense" rental situations, as well as one of the best solutions to sell your rental property at top dollar. It can truly work as one of the best "win/win" situations. To get more in-depth information, log on to "Mark’s Corner" at and

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