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From: Joe Galaxy®.NET
Published: Fri Mar 25 2005

Who, or what, is Joe Galaxy®?

Joe Galaxy® began in 1998 by a few regular "Joe’s". Their aim was to empower the average "Joe" to connect, collaborate and communicate. Their earlier tagline for this concept was "Joe Galaxy – Internet Inside". Intel Corporation was, apparently, threatened by this small company using a tagline that was similar to their "Intel Inside"; so Intel Corporation challenged Virtual Systems, LLC, jG’s parent company, for the use of this tagline. Virtual Systems resisted, and then decided, at the last minute, that the line "Internet Inside" was not critical to their concept or mission. Or, at least not critical enough to do "intellectual property" litigation, i.e., go for broke and spend a lot of money butting heads with a billion dollar processor monster Corporation! So, Virtual Systems, LLC backed off the use of "Internet Inside", and went forward with their mission; obtained Joe Galaxy® registered trademark and lived to fight another day. And here they are with Joe Galaxy®.NET 2005.

Joe Galaxy® 2005 will have no annoying ads, but plenty of critical information that cannot be found in the mainstream media Matrix.

What does Joe Galaxy® have to offer?

- Secure-private peer-to-peer quick messaging.
- multi-user peer-to-peer drag-and-drop file(s) transfer
- "Galaxies" - aggregations of centralized information resources.
- a personal jG Galaxy (buddy) list
- audio/video conferencing
- integrated free Web-based e-mail

The "Galaxy" concept is useful to businesses and content providers. These multimedia content "Galaxies" can be thought of like a meta-website, transcending and consuming the common website by providing fluid, provider centric content to the Galaxy owner's user. Joe Galaxy® will be offering the "Galaxy" server and the Joe Galaxy® Client application to be co-branded by digital communities, Internet Service Providers, and special information providers for a nominal fee. Contact JoeGalaxy@FREE.JoeGalaxy.NET for more information.

Official release of Joe Galaxy®.NET 2005 is March 25th free to anyone at http://JoeGalaxy.NET/ or click here to download Joe Galaxy®.NET 2005 http://JoeGalaxy.NET/joe_galaxy.exe

Company: Joe Galaxy®.NET
Contact Name: Joe Galaxy
Contact Email: Support@FREE.JoeGalaxy.NET

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