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Published: Sat May 05 2012

Hmusix is a new project, born by the desire to provide a unique music information service from all directions, in which users have the possibility to catch the latest news of their favourite artists practically in real time thanks to a large network of collaborators and bloggers from all over the world.

The information on Hmusix is constantly updated and is available to all our registered users.

Our aim is to provide the latest news before any of our already existing competitors.

Hmusix uses a series of servers located in various parts of the world. This allows users from any geographical area to access quickly our resources, guaranteeing top quality performance and minimum waiting time.

The development team was established in 2011.

Our brand is represented by the letter H, which for us stands for heart. The word musix is simply a playful and dynamic way to reinvent the word music.

H + musix represents the objective of our company for real, to be the heart of music in a single word: Hmusix.

Our pay off represents the philosophy of all those who work for or contribute to Hmusix, from the CEO to our external collaborators, everybody is as one 'fil rouge' a crazy passion for music.

Our pay off represents exactly the philosophy: Life 4 Music.

In order to offer an excellent service that satisfies even the biggest fans, we have created 12 differents sections in which users can find useful information or simply juicy gossip about their favourite artists.

These are the 12 main sections present on Hmusix:

News: a section which is constantly updated with the latest news from the world of music.

Gossip: the user can find the hottest news about artists from the music biz.

Charts: in this section, every week a chart of the world's top 20 selling albums will be published.

Live: this is an area dedicated to the best performances.

Artist Photos: exclusive sneak preview photos, pics of the lastest photos and album covers of top artists, djs and producers in the music biz.

Videos: a section where users can find the latest video clips of their favourite artists.

Remixes: an area where the latest hits, remixed by top djs are available.

Songs: through this section, the user can listen to previews of brand new tracks by top artists.

Biography: in this section, the user can find mini video biographies of today's and yesterday's most important artists.

Interviews: the latest interviews of today's top artists and producers.

Video Mix: video remixes of tracks by top artists.

Radio Airplay Charts: weekly chart of the most played tracks by radio stations worldwide.

Some of these area can be accessed by registered Hmusix users. Registration is free and always will be. Registered users have access to an area exclusively reserved for them.

Also included in our site, we have added an 'area premium', where at a small cost, it will be possible to gain access to further exclusive services.

Hmusix also offers services dedicated to up and coming artists, journalists and press officers.

Journalists will be able to find on our official site an area marked press in which they can send their own press releases. If they are approved by our editors, they will be published both on the site and our social channels.

Up and coming artists will have the possibility to send their latest demos to Hmusix. A dedicated team will sample the material and if approved, it will be published in a dedicated area (through Soundcloud) and all of Hmusix's social channels. The artist will benefit from the wide exposure given by our network.

Hmusix is online from May 2012 and can be reached at the address

The site is optimized for all devices including mobiles and tablets. Also, the brand is present on all of the most important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

For more information visit the following locations:

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Hmusix's official social network channels are:

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Journalists and press offices can send requests by completing the form dedicated to them, which they can find by accessing our press area at the following address:

For all types of information you require, the following email address is also active:

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