Coronis Systems and HowDeep to provide China with wireless AMR solutions

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Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Coronis Systems of France, a specialist in wireless network solutions, has been chosen by HowDeep Tech Co. Ltd, a leading provider of metering solutions in China, to provide wireless solutions for gas metering. The initial phase of the contract involves equipping 50,000 residents in Yichang, in the Hubei province of China, with a wireless automatic meter-reading (AMR) system. This is the first large-scale industrial contract in China for Coronis.

HowDeep is a leading provider of AMR solutions for individual, commercial and industrial uses in China. Under the terms of the agreement, Coronis will provide its patented ultra-low-power and long-range wireless Wavenis® technology to enable the remote monitoring of gas meters. The overall solution includes the Wavenis®-enabled network infrastructure, wireless meter monitors, as well as software and customisable wireless modules. Coronis Systems’ Wavenis® technology satisfied all of HowDeep’s requirements for system integration in terms of its field-proven industrial maturity, modularity, pricing, near real-time accuracy, and flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the Chinese market.

This partnership underlines HowDeep’s commitment to enhancing its portfolio of DT-Readers® (automatic meter-reading solutions) with technological innovations. By choosing Wavenis®-based AMR products, HowDeep can improve the precision and efficiency of its systems while greatly enhancing service to customers. In addition to providing network technology that specifically addresses the battery-life and range constraints found in metering installations, Coronis’ solution will help HowDeep offer its customers added-value benefits such as leak detection, data logging and valve control, as well as other features to meet evolving requirements.

About HowDeep Tech Co. Ltd

HowDeep, which was founded in 2000, provides AMR solutions to electric, gas and water utilities throughout China. Using an assortment of hardware, software, and communications technologies, HowDeep's systems collect data from a range of residential, commercial and industrial points and deliver that information in a variety of forms to enable innovation among clients.
Today HowDeep is one of the leading suppliers of systems for the AMR market in China. Since 2003 the company has won contracts from seven gas and water utilities, which will include 750,000 gas meters and water meters.

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About Coronis Systems

Headquartered in Montpellier, in south-east France, Coronis Systems is a supplier of innovative wireless network-technology solutions for ultra-low-power and long-range applications. The company has optimised its Wavenis® RF ASIC and protocol stack to match the real-world technical and price requirements for high-volume automatic meter-reading installations.

With a purely business-to-business model, and over 500,000 Wavenis® products and licences sold to leading industrial companies, Coronis today has a staff of over 40. Annual turnover is expected to reach €15 million in three years across the company’s three business units – metering, telemetry, and technology licensing – in sectors such as AMR, home comfort, personal and property alarm systems, home medical care, industrial & building automation, transport, cooling and refrigeration.

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