Handy Folders Knows How to Pick the Shortest Way in the Thicket of Your Folders!

From: Resort Labs
Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Resort Labs today announces the release of the newest version of Handy Folders, a smart utility providing a quick access to your folders and files, to a disk on your PC or LAN, or to a predefined folder anywhere, including FTP or websites. Handy Folders 2.0 has a flexible and neatly organized structure, which makes working with it easy and pleasant. Just in a flash you can get to the folder or file that you need. In order to save precious time you can form a list of your frequently accessed folders (precisely as in Internet Explorer). What's more, the opportunity of instant going to a location right from the Open/Save File window has also been provided for by the developers. Handy Folders 2.0 can be quickly configured to satisfy your computational habits, so here you have got the freedom of choice.

Handy Folders is an experienced guide, who knows its way around your folders, so you can take at least two quick ways of getting to a location. Firstly, you can use your system tray, where the left click brings you to a location you want and the right click pops up the additional menu, where you may change settings of the program. Secondly, you can go via the embedded Windows Explorer tool bar. The toolbar contains the icons of the disks on your PC and the handy folder icon for accessing the predefined list of your favorite folders. If after installing Handy Folders on your computer the customizable toolbar doesn't appear, simply open Windows Explorer and go to View - Toolbars menu and check Handy Folders.

While configuring Handy Folders it's no trouble at all for you to add new directories to the list of your favorite folders, to alter the program's interface or change the settings of the Windows Explorer toolbar, Open/Save File Windows and the Tray Menu. Music, videos, games, MS Office documents and other diverse kinds of data stored on your computer can be accessed with just a couple of clicks. The opportunity to arrange this list the way you like in sober fact means that you form a sort of a library where each book and even a passage in this book can be quickly found by its special bookmark.

"Unbelievably simple" says Mr. Williams, a Handy Folders customer. "This is a really handy tool. What I especially like about it is the same user-friendly interface in the system tray menu, Windows Explorer and Open/Save File windows. I used to work with complicated programs where these features were utterly different, so it was really inconvenient to work like that. "

Handy Folders Features at a Glance:
- User-focused interface. In 2 clicks you go to where you want to be;
- Easy configuration. Manage your list of handy folders and change it whenever needed;
- Easy installation. Just launch an executable file and try the software;
- Embedded help system and technical support.

Pricing and Availability
Handy Folders runs under Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003 and costs $19.95 (USD) for a personal license and $39.95 (USD) for a business license. Registered customers are entitled to free updates, lifetime technical support by e-mail and secure ordering. Group members get a 20% discount on the program. A 15-day fully functional evaluation version of Handy Folders is available as a free download at http://www.resortlabs.com/files/hf_setup.exe

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