Cincom iOutsource and its President Featured in New Offshoring Book

From: Cincom Systems, Inc.
Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Cincom iOutsource and Ashish Paul, president, are included in a new Wiley-published book titled OFFSHORING OPPORTUNITIES: Strategies and Tactics for Global Competitiveness by John Berry, management consultant. Paul adds his knowledge and experience to the book・s Offshoring Value Delivery Framework, providing real-world numbers that detail Cincom・s contact center operations in India.

Paul notes how practical and useful the book・s offshoring framework is through the following processes: strategy development, selection process, relationship building and sustained management.

:Berry・s framework is highly practical and follows the methods that Cincom iOutsource has been using since its inception. Cincom iOutsource has grown significantly in the past three years. In part, our large growth-spurt can be attributed to working with our clients on the fundamental practices of successful outsourcing as highlighted in Berry・s book,; said Paul.


About Ashish Paul
Recognized as a pioneer of the growing call center market in his native country of India, Paul is president of Cincom Systems' subsidiary Cincom India, Cincom iOutsource and OverC International. Over the past 15 years, Paul has also pioneered various information technology services and joint ventures in the South Asian, Australian and European regions.

Since arriving at Cincom in his current position in 1998, Paul has generated over $82 million (U.S.) of business and created several joint ventures for Cincom India, making it one of the fastest-growing subsidiaries of Cincom Systems.

About the Author
John Berry (Bend, OR) is a management consultant whose clients come from healthcare, financial services, and software industries. He has also done work for Gartner as a contract analyst. An experienced public speaker, he has been a columnist at InternetWeek and Computerworld and has been published in CIO Magazine.

About Cincom
For nearly 40 years, Cincom's software and services have helped thousands of clients worldwide simplify the management of complex business processes.
Cincom iOutsource, subsidiary of Cincom Systems, helps companies lower cost and gain revenue through domain expertise in several business processes as well as contact centers, application development, and hosting. Market expertise is in financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, travel and leisure, and manufacturing. iOutsource simplifies offshore outsourcing with U.S.-based project management and business agreements.

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