Join a market research panel and make a difference to a charity, advises Cint

From: Cint
Published: Tue May 22 2012

More people should contact their preferred non-profit organization to find out whether they own a research panel, says Cint, a global provider of market research tools, because registered members of the community can donate the incentives that they receive from participating in online surveys.

Due to the difficult economic situation of recent years, people have been forced to reduce or cease their donations to charities. Many not-for-profits have had to scale back operations and some face closure, meaning much needed services are being lost. Owning a research panel not only creates an additional revenue stream for the charity, but it also offers the opportunity to develop a better understanding of its donors; obtaining market insight can assist a charity to improve its services, marketing and events programs.

As well as undertaking surveys created by the non-for-profit, a research panelist will be asked to respond to a wide range of consumer research studies whenever they fit the chosen profile and demographic of a business looking for people’s opinions. Each time a person completes an online survey they are given a thank you payment (called ‘incentive’). When this reaches a specified amount, the money can be banked or paid to the charity that owns the research panel community.

Supporters of a charity can make a financial difference just by giving their time and opinions. The model whereby survey respondents are able to contribute their incentives to charity is simple to adopt for businesses who have established their own research panel. Many brands choose a charity to support each year and giving research community members the option to contribute their earned respondent payment is a simple way to increase the company’s overall donation.

Bo Mattsson, CEO of Cint, commented: "Being a member of your chosen charity’s research community is a simple way of making donations through offering your opinions and giving up a small amount of time. Whether a person has had to stop giving because of economic difficulties or they just want to help their favourite charity even more, they should get in touch with the non-profits that they want to support and find out if they own a research panel. Businesses and publishers all over the world run research panels to gain market insight and they too can make a difference to a chosen charity by giving their communities the option of giving up their respondent payments."

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