reveals cost of back seat driver distractions

Published: Tue May 29 2012 has revealed the true cost of giving friends and families a ride home. Two thirds (66%) of British motorists have been victims of unwanted attention from self-appointed back seat drivers, and almost 1 in 4 (24%) have been in an accident whilst dealing with the distractions of other passengers. These distractions mean that 20% of British motorists will have to fork out up to £500 to repair accidental damages 'caused' by back seat drivers in their driving life.

The research from the car insurance experts also reveals that the worst backseat pests are bus drivers, train drivers and delivery men who obviously forget that they're off duty. On the other hand, teachers are the most patient of passengers and put up with the driver's bad habits.

When it comes to family life, most respondents confess that they would rather journey with colleagues than loved ones. This is because partners are the worst backseat drivers, with husbands and boyfriends disrupting the driver most often and 45% of them voicing their traffic-tips several times during the shortest of journeys.

Particularly bad at knowing when to keep quiet are parents who feature second on the list of frequent offenders (28%) when it comes to interfering from the back seat.

The most popular backseat gestures include the terrified grip-tightening on the door handle; the not-so-subtle glance at the speedometer or, the favourite of partners and parents across the country, the imaginary brake pedal push.

When it comes to the world of motoring, revealed that unfortunately, stereotypes are surviving, with women and the elderly being the most likely to suffer from backseat bad manners. Over two thirds of women (68%), and a shocking 70% of drivers over the age of 55 find themselves on the receiving end of this bad etiquette. Especially patronising are comments about the speed of the car (24%) or their proximity to other cars (25%).

Gareth Kloet, Head of Car Insurance at, said: "As motoring costs continue to rise at a meteoric rate, it’s never been more important for drivers to keep their costs as low as possible. Our research shows that having other people in the car can distract us from the road, and lead to accidents which in turn increase the cost of our car insurance policies."

Jo Bryant, spokesperson for etiquette experts Debretts added: "If you're a passenger in someone else's car, your behaviour must be polite at all times, just as it would be if you were visiting their home. The Etiquette Guide for Back Seat drivers will ensure that every journey is courteous and civilised."


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