Podgy Figures

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Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

These are the words of Acton's own Podgy Figures. The 23-year-old has come straight from the West London's thriving hip hop underbelly with unique and motivating music which is as real as they come.

Friends who watched the slim youth transform over the years as he put on more weight gave the talented MC the name Podgy and Figures was a later addition to reflect the money he was making. Once the name came together Podgy Figures became more than just a nickname, it was the personality too.

Podgy Figures first came to hip hop like so many, through the streets. His 'Do It Yourself' ethos saw him rapping wherever and whenever he could. As he stated in his recent interview with RWD Magazine; "I'm repping those on a 'Do It Yourself' tip. Those who are making sh*t happen - anyhow, any way!"

His love of music took him to Most Valuable Productions roster. "I always loved music but I have been in the studio now making my own stuff for two years. I'm better than most these rappers out here now." 'Rocked Up' was the Podgy Figures debut video which was filmed by Jermaine Love who has worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and RZA. It was immediately play listed on the biggest UK music channels thanks to its unique sound as the MC explains; "With 'Rocked up' I tried to hit them differently. You can listen to it in your car, you can listen to it with your girl, and it's a straight up party tune."

Now Podgy is back with 'First You MC (Now You Rappin)', which is a track based around one of Podgy's main grievances with the game. He questions why so many British rappers feel the need to change what they do to please other people or because their sound isn't popular. "If you're a rapper stay rappin," said Podgy. "If you're a garage mc stay mc'in! You can't do it right anyway!! It's like P. Diddy doing opera. I'm doin' hip hop straight"

The Podgy Figures debut LP 'Hood Gazette' has tracks for everyone; "Every hood has got all types of madness init," he explains "'Hood Gazette' is just my version of everything. With 'Hood Gazette' you get the lingo, the music and the vibe. All the tracks come from my perspective."
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