Unique Family-Building Technology Chosen for Seedcamp-Zagreb

From: FertilityFlower
Published: Fri Jun 08 2012

FertilityFlower.com will present their project to premier European start-up accelerator, Seedcamp, on June 12th in Zagreb. The early stage mentoring and investment program that gets over 3,000 applicants a year has backed 60 start-ups since its launch in 2006. FertilityFlower.com will be competing with 19 other start-ups to be the next one among that set.

FertilityFlower is new family-building technology that helps women identify the best time of the month to conceive or even avoid a pregnancy. Touted as ‘Google Analytics for Fertility’, FertilityFlower has managed to gain traction, particularly among natural-living devotees and interestingly enough – among women with graduate degrees, a demographic that is vastly over-represented among their membership.

"The competition really is tough," said Seedcamp co-founder Reshma Sohoni in a recent interview in The Guardian. "Not only is it really hard to get [into the finals],… but Seedcamp may potentially invest in two or three – or none of them."

Despite stiff competition, Kimberly Ann Racic who founded FertilityFlower.com, is confident in her team’s chances.

"We’re more than a great idea. We identified a problem, ascertained the market and built a solution. FertilityFlower.com has been in beta for awhile now and so we have hard data to show the investment panel. We can show them evidence that our base is growing and our customers are engaged."

She continued,

"The drive to build a family is part of our primal nature. Many couples, particularly the women, have infertility fears these days – 46% of American women to be exact. We tend to have the idea these days that pregnancy should occur as soon as we decide to grow our families and if it doesn’t happen, we wonder if the cause is infertility. With the majority of couples, infertility isn’t the problem – timing is. FertilityFlower.com educates women about their bodies, figures out their unique patterns and ultimately maximize their chances of pregnancy."

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