DIVINATION OF GOD – Shelley Kaehr will appear on Rob McConnell’s “The X-Zone Radio Show” Thursday ni

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Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

In the Biblical times of Moses and Joshua the High Priests of the Hebrew people used an Oracle – a tool of Divination – to Divine (discover) the Will of God for the children of Israel. The Bible calls these special tools of Prophecy the Urim and Thummim.

In her new book DIVINATION OF GOD: The Obscure Tool Of Ancient Prophecy Revealed / The Only AUTHORIZED Form Of Divination Found In The Bible Dr. Shelley Kaehr explains what the Urim and Thummim were, how they were used, and how we can recreate these ancient tools of divination in our own quest to commune with God.

This Thursday night at 10pm Eastern Time Dr. Kaehr will be a guest of Rob McConnell – nicknamed "the Canadian Art Bell" – on Rob’s popular "The X-Zone Radio Show" broadcast throughout Canada and the U.S. and streamed around the world via the Internet on XZone-Radio.com. Shelley will explain how she came upon the Biblical writings on this ancient tool of prophecy, her research into its use, and how each of us can learn to use this ancient tool ourselves.

The ancient Hebrew priests of the "Old Testament" times are said to have condemned all forms of divination - except the one they used themselves. Divination Of God by Dr. Shelley Kaehr lets us in on this ancient Hebrew method described in all translations of the Bible.

To learn more about the book DIVINATION OF GOD or Thursday night’s interview with Rob McConnell go to Books1234.net, XZone-Radio.com, GalacticHealing.org, or listen to her recent interview on the Coast-to-Coast AM website
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