REM Mate™ Clears the Air for “Whole Health”

From: REM Mate Health Sciences
Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Our Daily Facts: The day begins and ends in the bedroom. A day lasts 84,600 seconds. We breathe 15,000 to 35,000 times a day. One third of these breaths are taken horizontally, when we’re in bed, trying to sleep in a room the EPA states is two to five times more polluted than the air outside.

We get 90% of our energy from the oxygen we breathe. If that’s compromised by polluted indoor air, we wake up stuffy, sluggish, less inclined toward proper exercise and diet. Along with breathing, our body depends on the three-legged health stool: sleep, diet and exercise. So, what’s in your air? And if your bedroom doesn’t have an air purifier, you are the air purifier.

The Solution: REM Mate Health Sciences offers every bedroom user a drug-free, simply plug-in air purifier machine that combines the best technology elements developed for allergy and asthma sufferers with REM Mate’s "Whole Health, Pure Air, Pure Sleep, Weight Loss"™ technology. A healthy room makes for a healthy sleep™ Cite

REM Mate ™ is the air purifier with True Medical Grade HEPA filtration combined with the unique technology of HEGA filtration, to purify your bedroom environment. Adding REM White Sound™, together enhancing a fresh, uninterrupted sleep, REM Mate enhances the body's Deep REM metabolism, so healthy and necessary in releasing the body's metabolic fat burning enzymes. Cite:

"Many individuals come to notice their mid-drift developing that "tire" appearance," says Bill Zimmermann, Director of REM Mate Health Sciences, adding "yet they eat less and exercise more, they say, so why the weight gain?" Studies indicate that lack of deep sleep is a major cause in lack of weight maintenance, and is a contributor to obesity and diabetes. "Purify the air," Zimmermann says, "and you energize the metabolism of sleep, and change your overall health metabolism…naturally, with REM Mate."

Health care professionals encourage the "pure sleep" that comes from REM Mate's non-drug induced, whole health environment. Pure sleep, and a healthy ration of it, is the least attended but third leg on the health stool, sharing equal weight with diet and exercise. REM Mate™ is your bedroom's natural, fresh sleep machine™. REM Mate can be viewed and purchased at
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