Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Information Now Available Online

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Published: Mon Dec 05 2005

Beverly Hills, CA - Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Information Now Available Online
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking website at provides extensive information and articles about banks that recruit expectant mothers to donate their baby's umbilical cord blood for transplants.

More mothers-to-be are learning about and choosing umbilical cord blood donation as a way to help patients in need of a blood cell transplant. Because cord blood donation is still a growing field, not all hospitals receive cord donations at this time.

In California, Hospitals that collect Cord Blood include:

StemCyte International Cord Blood Center
Alta Bates Medical Center
Oakland, CA

Children's Hospital of Orange County Cord Blood Bank
St. Joseph's Hospital of Orange
Orange, CA
(714) 516-4335

StemCyte International Cord Blood Center
Citrus Valley Medical Center - Queen of the Valley
West Covina, CA

Great Resources for Mothers:

1. The Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute Sibling Donor Cord Blood Program
This is a national program designed to provide a unique treatment option to families with children suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, other cancers, sickle cell disease, thalassemia or other transplant-treatable diseases.

When a family with a child who might benefit from a cord blood transplant is expecting another child, our program facilitates collection of the baby’s umbilical cord blood at the time of delivery. After collection, the blood is transported to our stem cell bank where it is analyzed and stored. If—and when—the cord blood unit is needed for transplantation in the affected sibling, our program transports the unit to the transplant center for use.

2. New Jersey to create storage bank for umbilical cord blood
New Jersey plans to create a storage bank for umbilical cord blood to aid stem cell research, a program that state officials said will be the first of its kind in the nation.

Two nonprofit community blood banks will accept donations from healthy newborns made with parents' permission. Under the one-year pilot program, the blood will be used for treatment of illnesses, such as leukemia, or to conduct research.
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