Boots help boost the nation’s energy levels in just one week

From: Boots The Chemists
Published: Wed Mar 12 2008

Health and beauty expert Boots has launched an exclusive energising vitamin supplement that helps boost depleted energy levels and maintain vitality. It is the first time that this exclusive form of CoQ10 has been made available on the high street. Boots are so certain it works that they will be giving any customers who purchase the 7-day trial pack and who don’t feel the difference and are still lacking in energy in a week their money back.

This is the first time in UK history that Boots has held a money-back guarantee with a vitamin supplement. The energy supplement called Boots Energy Super Strength CoQ10, contains a natural form of co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) called Kaneka CoQ10, a substance found naturally in the human body that is vital to the production of energy from food.

CoQ10 levels in peoples bodies decrease as they age and energy levels can suffer as the body struggles to convert food into energy*. Boots believe that this product is the ideal solution for those low in energy due to decreased CoQ10 levels, especially when combined with the Boots money back guarantee for anyone who takes Kaneka CoQ10 once a day but doesn’t feel a boost to their energy levels within just one week.

Available exclusively from Boots, Kaneka CoQ10 is an extremely pure form of CoQ10 that is harvested from yeast and is identical to the form created in the human body.

Nick Bennett, Boots vitamins formulation expert said: "Many people experience lower energy levels as they get older or because of a hectic lifestyle. When our need for CoQ10 increases, supplementation can help to supply higher levels of CoQ10 than are available in the diet. Boots Energy Super Strength CoQ10 containing natural Kaneka CoQ10 is a way of boosting energy levels that can help people who lack energy to see results in a week."

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* Ernster L, Dallner G., Biochem.Biophys.Acta. 1995 May 24;1271(1):195-204

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