With Rapid LMS Free Service, e-Trainers and Developers Now Have More Power and Freedom to Launch the

From: Vignettes for Training, Inc.
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

Pasadena, CA, November 28, 2005 – Vignettes for Training, Inc. (VFT) announces the release of RAPID LMS Free Service. Rapid LMS is a free service to qualified member organizations that need an Internet e-Learning application to publish courses, register, track and communicate with participants, and deliver programs through a hosted secure server. Rapid LMS is an integrated, full-feature and self-service software or an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution. www.vignettestraining.com.

"It is unfortunate that many e-trainers and developers are stymied in embarking on worthwhile
e-learning projects. The complexity, bureaucracy and high costs of acquiring an LMS are major hindrances. We have an opportunity to spread the benefits of e-learning – but we have to make it accessible. Through Rapid LMS Free Service, we hope we can share the benefits," said Ray Jimenez, PhD, CEO of VFT.

Rapid LMS Free Service allows organizations of all sizes to apply for the service. Members are able to publish programs, enroll participants and track learning performance and host the programs through VFT’s secure server.

Rapid LMS Free LMS is fully customizable to meet the creative look and feel consistent with that of the organization. It is versatile. It allows publishing different media formats including HTML text, images, PDF, Word and Excel files, Flash and media produced with software like Captivate or Viewlet. It has a built in pre and post testing, survey, and reporting capabilities.

Organizations with very low budgets, who must deliver quickly, can rapidly produce their programs in days - not weeks or months - because e-trainers and developers have the power and freedom to use their own Rapid LMS Free Service.

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Vignettes for Training, Inc. is an e-learning consulting, training and systems development company. It helps clients implement e-learning systems, content development, and performance improvement with the VFT Learning and Performance Management System (LMPS). Its clients include Countrywide Home Loans, U.S. Air Force, NASA, Ryland Homes, American Bankers Association, Aramark, and Psychological Associates. For more information, please visit www.vignettestraining.com
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