Leading Tape Manufacturer, IPG, Introduces its Full Line of UL/ETL-Certified Tapes to HVAC Market

From: IPG
Published: Thu Jul 19 2012

IPG – a leading manufacturer of tapes, films, and protective coverings for the commercial, industrial and consumer markets – is introducing the IPG brand to the HVAC market. The company’s full line of UL/ETL-certified HVAC tapes is specifically engineered to meet the most stringent requirements of HVAC engineers and contractors.

IPG is the second largest manufacturer of tapes and films in the United States. To better acquaint the HVAC industry with the IPG name, the company has launched a major introduction of the brand to the marketplace, aimed at engineers, specifiers, and contractors. IPG’s portfolio of HVAC products range from soft aluminum foil tapes and metalized film tapes to general purpose utility grade duct tape.

"Many of our HVAC tapes can help system designers meet sustainability goals," said James Apap Bologna, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications. "When used as part of today’s high-performance heating and cooling systems, they can contribute to earning green building credits based on requirements established by LEED®, ENERGY STAR, and other certifications. Our tapes create the necessary airtight permanent seal required by municipal, state, and national building codes on flexible ductwork, rigid duct board, and other applications."

IPG is also using the launch in the HVAC market to promote its message that all of its HVAC pressure-sensitive tapes are "Made in America." With executive headquarters in Bradenton, FL, the company has manufacturing facilities in the U.S. in locations ranging from Utah and Colorado in the West to Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin in the Midwest, and to the East in Danville, VA. The plants produce a wide range of products, including painter’s masking tape, duct tape, packaging tape, foil tapes, and a host of specialty tapes such as its double-coated and specialty filament tapes.

IPG’s line of HVAC tapes includes the newly introduced UL-rated AC50UL Cloth Duct Tape for flexible air ducts and connectors. Other leading HVAC tape products are ALF-175L Aluminum Foil Tape for general HVAC ductwork purposes; ALF-201L Aluminum Foil Tape with Kraft Liner for rigid duct board and flexible duct systems; and AC698, a premium HVAC tape for sealing flexible duct.

Founded in 1981 as a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape, the company expanded its product line to include woven products, such as lumber wrap, and later building products, including building wrap, roof underlayment, and flashing. It is an acknowledged leader in the packaging industry, offering a full line of products and equipment. With revenue surpassing $780 million in 2011, it serves markets as diverse as the automotive aftermarket, aerospace, medical and pharmaceutical, ecommerce, and food processing.

For more information about IPG’s line of HVAC products, contact IPG Customer Service at 800-474-8273. Visit the website www.itape.com.

About IPG (Intertape Polymer Group Inc.)
IPG (Intertape Polymer Group Inc.) is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a variety of paper and film based pressure sensitive and water activated tapes, specialized polyolefin films, woven fabrics and complementary packaging systems for industrial and retail use. Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec and Bradenton, Florida, the Company employs approximately 1,800 employees with operations in 19 locations, including 12 manufacturing facilities in North America and one in Europe. The website is www.itape.com.

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