Fairinvestment.co.uk chooses to support microfinance charity Five Talents

From: Fair Investment Company
Published: Fri Mar 14 2008

Fair Investment, an organisation with an established strong ethic for donating to charity, has chosen to support Five Talents, finding an affinity with the charity's beliefs in helping people to help themselves out of poverty through the provision of microfinance.

Five Talents uses the concept of microfinance to combat poverty and hardship by lending small amounts of money to people which they use to start their own business, a concept that is congruent with the entrepreneurial foundations of the Fair Investment Company.

A charity specialist was hired for the purpose of choosing charities that were in accordance with the company's belief in helping as many people as possible, and microfinance was seen to fit the bill because it provides huge rewards for small investments.

"Fairinvestment.co.uk decided to start supporting Five Talents, because it is a personable charity with which we can develop a close relationship." said Rebekah Barker, Fairinvestment.co.uk's Charity Co-ordinator. "There is also a strong line of accountability, because the charity is the initiative of the worldwide Anglican Church, active in even the most remote places on earth, so within each community there are people and premises through which the charity can operate and provide support."

The loans are given to what Five Talents refers to as the ‘active poor’ who are required to form a collective – in order to spread the risk and responsibility – these are people who have the initiative to help themselves with assistance from Five Talents. These individuals then employ those who are not yet in a position to be able to set up for themselves, so one small loan can help a large number of people. A deposit is also required, in order for individuals to demonstrate their commitment and potential for developing good financial management.

Rebekah continued: "Through Five Talents, people who are suffering the effects of severe poverty are benefiting from small loans of as little as £40 which they use to start their own businesses, such as making bricks or providing food for workers. When the business flourishes, the loan is paid back with interest, which is then reinvested, so it is self-sufficient and sustainable, while building a sense of security and confidence for vulnerable individuals."

David Doulton, Director at Fairinvetsment.co.uk, added: "The trust which grows between the borrower and the lender when the loan is paid back means that they are then eligible to apply for bigger loans to develop their business further. The concept of entrepreneurialism is one very close to our hearts, as we are helping others to start their own businesses, just as we did."

Tom Sanderson, UK Director of Five Talents said, "We are so pleased that Fair Investment has decided to adopt Five Talents as one of its sponsored charities. Microfinance is such an effective means of helping the poor and the Company’s support will help to generate many small businesses in Africa, Asia and Latin America."

Fairinvestment.co.uk is also benefactor for Bulgarian Partners Trust, a UK charity which strives to relieve poverty in Bulgaria through education, particularly among children and young people, and the Bethany Children's Trust, which helps children at risk around the world.


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