Is u2nite just another gay dating app?

From: Wildtrolls Ltd.
Published: Fri Jul 20 2012

There are quite a number of mobile dating apps for gay men on the market. Most of them provide an experience that is nothing but disillusioning. Although it can be expected that location based services must be instant and in real time, this never seems to be the actual case! It is frustrating to know that 92% of all the profiles shown have not been online for days and the ones who are online are just too far away. Even the market leader Grindr is no exception. It simply gets too tiring not meeting "the one".

This was the motivation driving the guys behind the newest iPhone app u2nite – to develop a gay dating app that is truly in real time. Under the motto "what you see is what you get", the app only displays those users who are online, and, if leaving the app in order to use other applications, the push notification keeps you informed.

A further great aspect of the app is the distance line feature that gives you an instant feeling of how far away the other users are. A quick click on the map function locates the user on the map. Simply by clicking on the heart, the app itself suggests a public place to meet and even shows you exactly how to get there. This feature is very safe and convenient, particularly if you are in a new city.

But this is not the only feature that makes u2nite so competitive. The security aspect of using gay dating apps is another priority that is focused on – this has been a recurring problem for other dating apps, such as Grindr. Most social networks store user profiles in a central database. u2nite is different in that it offers its members full control over how much personal data they want to share with others, and when they want to share it. With the exception of images being served by high-speed content delivery networks, the u2nite user stores their profile exclusively on their phone. Without a central user database and with additional security measures against identity theft, u2nite is redefining the meaning of privacy for social networks. The user himself is fully in control of how much personal data he wants to make available. A further security highlight is the position blur function ¬– a safety measure that offers members even more privacy protection by not exposing their exact locations and instant dating feature. On the display, the other users’ location will be shown offset by approx. 70 meters.

As for the picture upload, u2nite enables five pictures. The upcoming version will eliminate this limit entirely – members can upload as many images as they want. Awesome!

It can't be ignored that the u2nite app is setting new standards for mobile gay dating. More than any other app, it is intuitive and easy to use. It has convincing features guaranteeing the best possible usability and the highest security standards and it is a mature competitor for all dating apps on the market.

u2nite is a new generation of gay dating apps – changing the "rules" as they have been known up until now.

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