Today Is a Great Opportunity To Move Your Euros ‘To a Safe Haven’

Published: Fri Jul 27 2012

Are you concerned about the Eurozone crisis? Consider converting your Euros into the safer Australian dollar and secure your funds during this crisis.

The situation in Europe grows more uncertain everyday. How would you like to secure your Euros in a safer currency such as the Australian dollar and earn good interest by doing so?

You might like to contemplate the Australian dollar because it is strong and reliable. The Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard is quoted as saying, "For the first time in history Australia is being referred to as something of a global 'safe haven’."

Ensure your Euros are protected In a safer environment

You could benefit by securing your Euros in Australia because the country has a reliable currency and banks with excellent credit ratings. Money experts Technocash Limited has implemented a way to keep your money safer by moving your funds into Australian term deposits, allowing you to earn interest.

Technocash offers this exclusive service to its account holders so they can earn interest on term deposits because it is a great solution for our clients. For more information, visit

Are you worried about the sinking ship in Europe? Have you ever thought about a term deposit to boost your returns? Ensuring a safer environment for your Euros is possible with an Account with Technocash because the financial institution amounts allow for all major currencies.

Great Interest Rate

Do you get paid any interest from your European banks? You most likely get no interest. How would you like to get around 3% p.a interest rate? You deserve a return on your money. Wire your Euros to your Technocash Account and easily convert to AUD to start earning interest with a tailoured term deposit.

Technocash’s Managing Director Paul Monsted said, "Technocash works with you to ensure your funds get a great interest rate. Wire Euros to your Technocash account where you can easily convert to Australian dollars, ready for deposit. Technocash assists you to earn interest with funds on term deposit with safe Australian banks."

Technocash’s clients appoint them as an agent on a contractual basis. Their money is placed into a separate segregated account and not mixed with other customer’s money.
This is a wonderful opportunity for you to provide a safer haven for your money and grow it in a stable economy. What are you waiting for? Email Technocash for more information at

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