StarForce announces SafeíníSec Personal 2.0 English version commercial release!

From: StarForce Technologies
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

StarForce Technologies, the acknowledged expert in software security solutions, announces commercial release of proactive protection system SafeíníSec Personal 2.0 English version. Program features are significantly extended in comparison with the previous 1.1 version considering users requests. Since today SafeíníSec Personal 2.0 English version is represented in e-shopsí catalogues of StarForce partner companies.

Proactive protection system SafeíníSec guarantees constant PC and corporate networks protection against any types of threats Ė unknown viruses, spyware, trojans, hacker attacks, information theft, unqualified actions of the novice users etc. Intercepting system calls SafeíníSec analyzes applicationsí behavior. If the threat is confirmed SafeíníSec blocks the malware before any damage to the PC system is done.

Compared to previous versions, the new version of SafeíníSec has the following new features and improvements:

Program functionality has been significantly extended: it now monitors the network activities of applications (establishing incoming/outgoing connections, sending/receiving data), analyzes the mutual operation of different processes (interfering of one process into other processes), and controls calls to system functions (for example, as in the case of installation of key loggers)

Activity control policies can now be configured in a more flexible manner:

ē The user can select the activity to be controlled.

ē The rules for controlling activities can be customized by the user. The user can also create new rules. In the earlier versions of Safe'n'Sec, the user could not change or view the rules.

ē The user can now not only to select a control policy but also specify the actions to be taken by the application upon detection of potentially malicious activity on your computer. Specific actions can be defined for each control policy.

ē For applications for which an activity control rule is specified, users can configure SafeíníSec to check application integrity as well.

SafeíníSec has a list of trusted applications whose activity has been analyzed by StarForce experts. This feature enhances the speed of analyzing application activities on a user PC.

The manager of active processes is improved. Now SafeíníSec can scan processes for the presence of malicious code, create custom activity rules, remove processes during system reboot, and view the network activities of processes.

The dialog box warning the user about a malicious activity contains technical details on the detected application, its activity, and provides recommended user actions. Users can manually terminate a process after it has been blocked, using additional settings for decision making.

Through the Management Console, users can enable/disable activity control. In previous versions, this operation was accessible only from the application settings window.

The protection of SafeíníSecís own processes from unloading and damage by malicious software has been improved.

Report processing has been significantly improved. Now users can select and view reports in a special dialog box.

The program configuration window has been redesigned. This window is now implemented in the same style as other proactive protection products of the StarForce Company.

The installation procedure is significantly improved. Now there is no need to restart the system following installation. Proactive protection starts immediately after the program is installed. Also pleasant is the fact that PC reload after the program installation is not required any more! Personal SafeíníSec 1.1 upgrade up to 2.0 will be available in a month after an official release Ė FREE for al 1.1 version users!
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