Five stylish solutions for compact bathroom spaces

From: Better Bathrooms
Published: Wed Aug 15 2012

Bathrooms really do live up to their title as the ‘Smallest room in the house’ with a recent survey stating that the average new build in the UK has a family sized bathroom of just 2 x 2 metres.

When it comes to size however it really doesn’t matter whether homeowners have the largest bathroom or the smallest, design is what truly counts. Even the most luxurious of spaces can fall victim to a garish layout that simply makes the bathroom appear uninviting. With a wealth of design tricks and techniques available to help increase the look and feel of any bathroom, even the most awkward of spaces can be transformed into a haven of relaxation and tranquillity.

With an array of solutions available to help increase the look and feel of your bathroom, the Better Bathrooms team have put together five of their favourites, with these simple techniques seeing the most novice of DIYers effectively implement their practicality and beauty.

1 – First and foremost, think simple with décor. Neutral palettes including creams and warming pastels help calm and open up the space, yet this simplicity doesn’t necessarily mean boring; try adding a splash of colour, with mosaic tiles perfect at incorporating depth and texture. With eccentric features less if definitely more therefore try and reserve these eye-catching pieces as too hectic and they can quickly shrink a room. Towels and accessories are another effortless method to adding striking hues, with their affordable nature helping conform to the latest interior trends with a quick and simple update.

2 – With bathrooms now squeezed into every possible space brings the issue of dull lighting, with many often receiving no natural light at all, therefore try placing multiple light sources throughout the room to create a soothing ambience. For any natural light flooding the space, a mirror places close to the close helps enhance their and encourage reflectivity. For a quick cheat giving the best of both, opt for an illuminated mirror; with these stunning designs creating an eye-catching feature whilst effortlessly generating the illusion of more space.

3 – Good cornering is essential especially in the most smallest of spaces. This often unutilised area can be used to house a generous shower enclosure or a handy vanity unit, all in all helping free up more space within the centre of the room. Quadrant enclosures especially are fantastic at offering a more streamlined effect to the room with their curved edge helping neutralise a cramped atmosphere.

4- If your heart is set on that statement tub to soak away those long, and often stressful, days, then opting for a shorter bath is best. With our stunning freestanding bath collection starting at the compact 1500mm helps homeowners in choosing a space saving options that without sacrificing on a luxurious style.

5- Clutter is sure to invade every bathroom at one time or another. Pesky towels strewn around the floor or the hoard of everyday items resting on the basin can easily deduct beauty away from the room. Storage is a simple and long term solution, with bathroom furniture helping organise the chaos. In limited spaces think upwards rather than outwards, with a tall storage utilising limited floor without without compromising on practicality, whilst these handy storage facilities also offer each household member their own space to help tidy away their own items.

With this only a selection of the creative insights into generating more space in a cramped area, trying visiting one of the Better Bathrooms North West showrooms, with their dedicated team of bathroom specialists on hand to convert even the most compact of bathrooms into a relaxing get away. Otherwise log on to or call 0844 484 7678 for more information.

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