Webcast: Job Scheduling for Complex IT Environments, Aug. 29, 2012

From: UC4 Software
Published: Wed Aug 15 2012

What: Learn how one tool automates enterprise-wide batch and dynamic workloads
Job Scheduling today is much more challenging than it used to be. IT departments typically have multiple computing platforms, multiple computing environments, business processes that run 24x7, and complicated dependencies between processes.

Who: Join Craig Kirkeide, UC4 Sr. Solutions Engineer, as he shows you how a unified automation platform can eliminate unmanaged, ad-hoc, job scheduling activities typically performed using several different applications and tools. This webcast will be an excellent resource for those responsible for data center or IT operations.

Where: Online at http://offer.uc4.com/overcome-it-complexity.html

When: August 29, 2012 at 10:00AM PDT
Company: UC4 Software
Contact Name: Hedge Stahm
Contact Email: sth@uc4.com
Contact Phone: 425-633-2565

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