Trainer1 concentrates on instructional design and rapid application support tools at this year’s HRD

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Published: Mon Mar 17 2008

For some time, Trainer1’s Neil Lasher has been offering his ‘More Than Instructional Design’ (MID) course around the world – notably in the UK, USA, Russia and Canada. The course outlines the basics of instructional design; learning styles; emotional significance, creative advantage and Lasher’s ‘Five ‘A’s of Learning’ - a model of instructional design (ID) which encapsulates the lessons of 20 years of designing e-learning and related materials to produce a model for ID specifically relating to task-based and ‘rapid’ or ‘workflow’ e-learning.

"We provide a process for structuring e-learning courseware to facilitate effective, performance-enhancing e-learning, taking you through the instructional design process," Lasher explained. "These courses benefit those responsible for assessing, designing and producing e-learning and blended programmes and/or who need to know how to assess online learning materials."

In addition to providing direction with the principles and practice of instructional design, Trainer1 also provides tools to allow organisations to produce effective e-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS) in-house. Among these tools is Rapid Application Support - a technology-driven support tool providing ‘performance knowledge’ to help people improve their efficiency and effectiveness at work.

At HRD, Trainer1 is launching a new version – version 3.0 – of its acclaimed Rapid Application Support tool, which provides an ‘automatic helpdesk’ and training materials, pushing the right information to users as and when they need that information. According to existing purchasers, Rapid Application Support has been shown to have cut calls to company helpdesks by up to 40 per cent.

"Moreover, it supports itself – so it can be used throughout an organisation with very little involvement from the IT department," said Lasher. "This can result in cost savings for both training and IT support, as well as reducing worker downtime by only delivering the information that’s required – unlike a full training course which will include information that the trainees already know.

"It provides an instant transfer of knowledge in the workplace and improves the flow of information to staff throughout the organisation, allowing users to work smarter rather than harder," he added.

Trainer1, one of the UK's and leading ‘vendor-neutral’ e-learning specialists, is returning to exhibit at HRD after a gap of several years. Lasher commented: "Returning to HRD reflects the current market change from suppliers offering ‘technology’ to them providing a serviced learning space to HR departments.

"This allows Trainer1 to emphasise the value - for today’s HR departments - of its 20 years or so as instructional design specialists, advising and delivering instructional design expertise to companies in a wide range of industries throughout the world."

To find out more about the MID course and recently released ‘Ultimate Experiential Instructional Design Course’ or to book a place on one of these courses, visit or come along to Trainer1’s stand at HRD (Stand 913).

Organised by the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), HRD 2008 runs from April 15-18th at London ExCel, open from 0930-1700 hours.

Notes for Editors:

About Rapid Application Support

Rapid Application Support enables organisations to provide their staff with information and communications technology (ICT) training in a user-friendly way. It uses e-learning to give the end users what they need at the moment they need it.

It addresses ‘informal learning’ that, studies show, comprises 80 per cent of the learning within a typical organisation.

The Rapid Application Support learning materials are written by the user’s organisation - in the same way as learning materials are written at present but using different techniques. These learning materials may be written in any transferable format.

This ensures that the information they contain are exactly and entirely applicable to those who will be using them as job aids.

Rapid Application Support delivers training materials that can be applied to any program or content running on the client machine including web based applications and bespoke created software, documents and spreadsheets.

Rapid Application Support provides the information people need without them having to leave their current task.

Moreover, Rapid Application Support can create real value and ROI for user organisations – not by reducing users’ travel and subsistence costs but by reducing the time taken to develop learning materials and to getting users to reach ‘competence’. Rapid Application Support integrates learning into workflow without detracting from the work itself – thus keeping the cost of training/learning to a minimum and, at the same time, maximising the output from the learning.

Rapid Application Support constantly monitors which screen(s) the user has open on the desktop and, when required, will search and retrieve the relevant learning module that applies to the particular open screen or document – in a network environment. No files need to be deployed on the client machine, making implementation/roll out to large environments a simple process.

Rapid Application Support is available in number of cost options.

About Trainer1 (

Trainer1 is one of the UK's and leading independent e-learning specialists, established in 1992.

Being 'Vendor Neutral', it assists customers to choose from the best available products to achieve their goals - offering many competing tools in the e-learning market. These tools deal with Authoring, Management and Content Production.

Trainer1 offers a range of services to provide an end-to-end e-learning solution, including a number of training courses in design, development and content production, as well as a full production service for bespoke development.

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