Unlimited Online Backup Made Easy

From: Mowbie
Published: Thu Aug 16 2012

Mowbie announced today the formal launch of their cloud based online backup solution platform mowbie.com.

The Mowbie product is their home user product featuring unlimited cloud based storage for one low price.

The unlimited aspect of the product makes the product unique in that you can predict what your cost to backup will be without worrying about whether your cost will go up unexpectedly.

Mowbie’s Cloud is the easiest way to backup, store and share your files online.

Mowbie uses only the fastest, most secure military grade data centers to store your data. Our Cloud online backup solution offers you unlimited data storage across all plans. Mowbie’s Cloud will run silently in the background, backing up your data whatever your doing.

It’s unlimited, it’s secure and it’s there when you need it.

Mowbies’s Cloud uses a small desktop application to backup all of your computers files to the cloud. You simply install it once, tell it which files you want to include in your backup to the cloud, and it silently makes sure all your files are copied to the cloud.

Change a file? It’s picked up again and sent to the cloud.

You never have to worry about backing up your settings, favorites, new music, family photo’s, work documents or personal files. Just tell Mowbie a folder to monitor and any new or changed files are backed up automatically.

Need access to one of your files when you aren’t at your computer? Your dedicated Web Portal allows you to access any file, from anywhere, using any web browser.
Have a smart phone or tablet? No problem. Access your files, play music and steam videos to any device.
Company: Mowbie
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