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From: CityAlice
Published: Sat Aug 25 2012

When users search for their hometown, they would like to see information about their town, such as population, number of households, and the square miles of the city searched. Not only do they find demographics data, they find an assortment of information collected around the internet from major news, social media, and photo portals of their hometown.

Rather than surfing across multiple sites and finding the information you need, CityAlice tries to provide all the information needed at one stop, which allows the user to find the most information about their city at one page. When you visit a city page full of information with news, photos, business listings and social media updates, there really is no need to look through many different websites to find the information you need. Being able to find the most relevant information at once source has helped local searchers discover the information they are looking for and the information they would prefer to see.

Most popular websites nowadays shares their information with API and such, and allow web developers to host that information on their own websites. By collected the information that is most important to the user, this website can show what is most important and relevant to the user that does searches for their hometown. While you may also sort cities in states by population, households, and square miles, you can also look up different businesses in your area and even see the towns that are closest to your own town. When you find your own town and look through the page you are able to see photos, news, social media updates and business listings. You also you are able to see the closest nearby towns in your area, so if your town does not offer the service you need, you may be able to find the service in a town nearby you.
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