Charger Meets Outlet - an Innovative Wall Mounted Charging Solution, as the Next Step in Outlet Evol

From: Vertex Product Development Inc
Published: Mon Sep 17 2012

The idea for this product came out of a common household problem, as described by the inventor, Avi Cohen - "I was tired of looking for my charging cable around the house, seeing my kids tripping on cables, fighting over chargers or spilling liquids in the kitchen where expensive devices were laying around charging on countertops. So I thought of a solution to all these common problems, by fusing the outlet and charger and creating the xWallDock."

This new design is intended for home and office charging needs, creating a stable wall mounted charging docking station that is mess free, and appealing in design.

This new product is currently seeking crowd funding to jump start its production on Kickstarter

The xWallDock will be available in a single or double outlet configuration, and will fit both rectangular and round style outlets. First initial product offering will accommodate both the classic 30-Pin connector for all Apple iDevices, as well as, Micro-USB connector for all non Apple devices like Android based phones. The second production run will have the new Lightning connector as an option for all new generation Apple iDevices.

Estimated availability for the xWallDock will be in the first quarter of 2013.
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