A conservative Christian bachelor, his radical lesbian-feminist sister, and the woman they both want

From: Loren Stone
Published: Mon Mar 28 2005

Danny Madigan is an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian confirmed bachelor from Pennsylvania Dutch country. His sister, JD (or "Jax"), is a lesbian feminist living in Center City Philadelphia. They don't have much in common, but as they approach mid-life, they're still as close as they were when they were kids. Danny can overlook his differences with Jax's life choices, and his sister can overlook his mainstream privilege. After all, they're still brother and sister.

But when Danny introduces his girlfriend, Jenn, to Jax, their straightforward relationship turns complicated. Jenn is beautiful, articulate, charming... everything Danny looks for in a mate. And Jax feels the same way. Suddenly, after steering clear of her parents' house for over a decade, Danny's enticing girlfriend gives Jax a reason to return to the family fold for Sunday dinner.

As the whole Madigan family comes together for the first time in years, long-buried tensions re-surface between the free-thinking lesbian feminist Jax, and her conservative Christian parents and siblings. The Madigan family hasn't given up hope that Jax can still turn her life around and re-commit herself to a life pleasing to the Lord, and Jenn tries to help them get through to their lost sheep. But as Danny takes every opportunity to bring his girlfriend and sister together, Jax finds herself irresistibly drawn to this attractive newcomer in ways she knows are verboten. What's more, the outsider Jenn is hiding secrets (past and present) which could jeopardize everything that Danny has hoped and worked for, over long, long years of seeking a suitable mate. Many assumptions held dearly by sister and brother, fall by the wayside, and the glaring differences between family members become all the more apparent as they ride a roller coaster of love and loyalty and broken promises. Each one in the conflicted Madigan family must decide how they will react and interact with one another, while staying true to their faith, their conscience, and their integrity. Weighing questions of sin and redemption... love and sibling rivalry... secrets and revelation... each member of the family must decide how far they will go, to save their loved ones' souls.

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