Lawn-Mowers-Shop Excited About Honda Robotic Mowers Coming to Europe

Published: Mon Oct 01 2012

For the last year or two, has been at the forefront of the online UK market when it comes to selling lawnmowers to the public. As a result of this, any new models which come out are automatically an interest to the retailer as they strive to keep their customers satisfied with the latest and greatest range of mowers on offer.

Honda has stated in an official release that they will be entering the robotic lawn mower market over here in Europe. The new model is currently called the Honda Miimo however it’s unclear if that name will remain consistent throughout its transition into the European market place.

The mower has the features of a standard robotic mower and many more on top. Not only can it detect solid objects with a bump sensor / proximity detector, but the blades it uses to cut grass with will bend rather than shatter if they come into contact with hard objects. This avoids the grass being scattered with dangerous fragments of broken blades.

The Flymo hover mower for example was a good design towards making mowing easier for the ageing population; however, the generation of robotic mowers has furthered the innovativity for this demographic considerably.

Harold Beefstul, Product Manager at Lawn-Mowers-Shop expands on what has been stated already: "The mower is truly innovative and the amount of features it comes packed with is almost unbelievable. It has several cutting modes including a random-cut setting which causes less stress and damage to the grass. On top of this the mower is entirely self sufficient as it runs on a lithium-ion battery and will return to its charging station if it falls below a certain power level. Depending on the price, mowers like this could potentially make the standard electric lanwmowers & petrol mowers redundant." is currently run on the new and ever-expanding Online Home Retail Network. The OHR network at present hosts around 50 separate websites which all sell a wide range of products; anything from bathroom cabinets and accessories for the bathroom to chainsaws and routing equipment. Online Home Retail Limited originally started out as Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a major rebrand in 2012. The business now employs close to 60 people in its purpose built warehouse & offices, along with a turnover that is nearing £25 million a year.
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