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Published: Tue Dec 06 2005, a reputable news and information provider representing a broad spectrum of product and lifestyle-related resources, recently redesigned its web site and launched a blog at The webblog provides daily news and updates on various subjects like food, travel or health.

"I am delighted to provide this online resource for individuals interested in a broad spectrum of daily life topics to help them keep up to date on news affecting their personal situations and families and discover new products and services to improve their lifes," said representative Donna Culver. The blog will publish various lifestyle-related news and updates during the day, such as the latest product facts and articles. Readers now can cut the time in searching for that "perfect product" as well as to rest assured that choice will not be an unexpected disappointment.

A blog, also known as weblog, is an easy-to-use, frequently updated web site arranged in chronological order. Blogs have become more popular and prevalent in the last few years, and the new medium has proven to be an effective marketing tool. Blogs, which give visitors a personal view into companies in ways static web sites can't, facilitate online networking through linking and instant feedback. Blogs also help business owners establish themselves as experts in their fields. The consumer-focused website allows to subscribe to several topic-related RSS feeds at no cost, giving the reader the freedom to choose the news source that best fits her needs and interests. publishes only family-friendly resources.

AllYourTopics's web site addresses individuals as well as families. The publisher is equipped to address all of the general interest that may arise in the fields of sports, music, health, collectibles, electronics and others.

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