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Published: Tue Oct 02 2012

In a world where communication is key, investing in a second language can make your child stand out in an ever competitive job market. Skola language school offers English courses to international learners of all ages and abilities in a wide variety of locations across England.

For those wanting to immerse their children in the language full time, the school follows the renowned IB curriculum. This offers core subjects including English, Math, Arts, Physical Education, Science and Social Studies to children aged 3 and over. Class sizes are small and nurturing, and individuals with particular special needs are supported by qualified learning support staff. Children can make the most of the brilliant facilities, such as individual netbooks, after school drama and music clubs, and countryside and environmental days out. During everyday activities, students are encouraged to use their language skills in a practical setting.

The variety offered by Skola means you have many options when it comes to your child’s learning. Their full time school offers term time boarding with fantastic pastoral care or a school pick up and drop off service for day students. Similarly, if your child just needs that extra confidence boost, there are several short courses, summer schools and exam preparation courses that run throughout the year at the Hyde Park, Camden and Bawdsey. The summer schools are a great learning experience, mixing language classes with cultural and group activities for an educational but enjoyable holiday! Visit http://www.skola.co.uk for more information, including course start dates and prices.

About Skola

Skola offers a wealth of language courses to young international learners at their highly equipped language centres for students aged 3 to 18 years. They are a leading private school designed to aid students to enter the UK curriculum. All staff are highly qualified and the institution is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English. As well as their programmes for children, Skola also offers a variety of classes for adult learners.

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