BBQBarbecues Start Winding Down For Winter

Published: Mon Oct 08 2012

BBQBarbecues is one of the UK’s leading retailers in online barbecue sales. However, with the weather this country constantly receives, it makes a lot of people wonder how these businesses don’t go bankrupt.

Rain, wind, more rain and no sun is certainly not a good recipe for throwing a garden BBQ party. But still, that’s all this country seems to get, along with the odd 20°C day throw in here and there. The rest of the time the weather is utterly appalling and not fit to even step outside in, let alone contemplate a barbecue or anything which involves outdoor cooking.

Yet, year after year, hundreds of thousands of Britons spend between £300 and £600 on barbecue equipment and food. Is this justified? Is this a smart purchase?

It can be, depending on when the equipment is purchased. Throughout the winter months a lot of barbecue retailers turn off all their advertising and in turn their products come down in price because their overheads decrease. If you’re looking for deals, the best time to buy any type of BBQ, whether it’s charcoal, a 3-burner or even a portable barbecue is definitely winter (or whenever the cold weather hits, pretty much any time after September).

Paul Dickinson, who deals with products on the BBQBarbecues website explained why winter is one of the prime times to buy: "When it comes to barbecues, there is an on and off season; both season provide deals, but more often than not it’s beneficial to buy in the off season. This is because all forms of marketing are shut down and the business literally goes into ‘organic’ mode whereby the only sales come from Google searches. As a result, it’s much cheaper to run the business over winter and due to this, we can pass the savings on to customers who buy from us."

"The prices on pretty much everything on the website will drop by around 10% at some point in September, so if you’re on the lookout for some hot deals that will make your burgers and sausages sizzle, keep checking back this month!"
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