Diamond Doctor® is Exactly What the Doctor Ordered

From: Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., a leading producer of environmentally safe dust and soil erosion control products, offers Diamond Doctor®, a dust control agent specifically designed for baseball fields and outdoor event venues.

Diamond Doctor is a synthetic, organic, ultra-pure, colorless and odorless liquid dust control product that is 100 percent environmentally safe. It also is non-toxic and biodegradable. It can successfully manage any size of particulate dust matter and eliminate the need for watering.

Uncontrollable baseball diamond and outdoor venue dust are troublesome to those with asthma, allergy and breathing problems, while creating a nuisance for attendees and neighbors. Diamond Doctor eliminates the dust that causes these problems.

Diamond Doctor can be used in any weather climate and can be applied immediately to the dust-affected area. Diamond Doctor is convenient to use and can be applied with a liquid sprayer or it can be applied by Midwest Industrial Supply’s application specialists.

The initial application is designed to treat and penetrate the area. Diamond Doctor has an accumulative effect, and it is very easy to maintain control levels with one to two light maintenance applications a season. Therefore, it is a cost-effective method for controlling dust.

Dan Bergstrom, director, major league field operations of the 2005 National League champions Houston Astros, finds Diamond Doctor to be effective in controlling dust in Minute Maid Park’s warning track, the 18-foot shale strip that surrounds the outfield that warns players when they are going to hit the wall.

"Diamond Doctor effectively maintains the facility’s cleanliness," said Bergstrom. "As a result of using Diamond Doctor, the vinyl wall stays dust-free as well as the front-row seats and front-row spectators."

In July 2005, visitors of the music festival Lollapalooza, enjoyed a dust-free concert experience in Grant Park, Chicago. Brian Cross, an independent contractor, was asked to research products that would control the dust clouds caused by the heavy truck traffic during the set up of the concert and pedestrian traffic during the event.

"There were literally clouds of dust one day caused by heavy truck traffic, and then the next day, after Diamond Doctor was applied, there were no dust clouds," said Cross. "Diamond Doctor was applied a few days before the music festival began, and it effectively controlled the dust, created by pedestrian traffic, throughout the weekend-long event."

"Diamond Doctor worked great and lasted a long time. The Grant Park baseball fields are in a low area with high winds coming off of the lake. After using Diamond Doctor to control the dust, we had no problems," said Frank Amato, operations supervisor, Lakefront Landscape, Chicago Park District. "What is even more impressive is the fact that it lasted the remainder of our baseball season."

Diamond Doctor also can be used to help control dust emissions that contain naturally occurring asbestos. Concern is raised when naturally occurring asbestos is released into the air through construction and recreational activities, such as baseball fields, playgrounds, hiking and walking trails and dirt roads.

There is no potential health risk if naturally occurring asbestos fibers do not become airborne. Diamond Doctor prevents naturally occurring asbestos fibers from becoming airborne, reducing the risk of exposure.

For over 30 years, Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. has improved customers’ operational efficiency and operation costs while achieving environmental integrity and compliance in a variety of industries. With innovative, industry-leading products and application services, Midwest Industrial Supply develops high-quality products for dust control, road stabilization, erosion control, soil stabilization and anti-icing/de-icing.

For more information on Diamond Doctor or other products from Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., please contact Midwest Industrial Supply, P.O. Box 8431, Canton, OH 44711. Toll free: 800-321-0699. Fax: 330-456-3247. E-mail:custserv@midwestind.com. Web: www.midwestind.com.

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