It’s Never Too Late for a Leaf Blower

Published: Thu Oct 11 2012

Long gone are the days when people walk around their front or back garden sweeping up leaves using a dustpan and brush. People lead much too busy lives to spend that amount of time cleaning up their garden, paths or driveways and seek to automate as many things as possible.

The leaf blower is currently the best piece of equipment that people can buy to speed up this mundane task. Simply put, it does exactly what it says and blows leaves from your yard or pathways into neat piles which can be easily cleared or left neatly – whichever is preferred. It does this by using centrifugal force and sucking in the outside air, spinning it up and forcing it out through a much smaller opening. This allows the user to be precise when blowing specific areas as it can be extremely easy to blow a tonne of loose gravel at windows or cars (which isn’t a good idea).

The online retailer obviously realise how much of a benefit a leaf blower can be to the community and individuals; as such, they’ve discounted a wide range of products on their online website. The sale includes electric, cordless and petrol leaf blowers which all have different advantages that suit a whole range of applications depending on how it’s going to be utilised.

Larry Logg, a member of staff at commented on the sale: "We’re implemented the sale at what we consider to be the perfect time of year. People are currently getting annoyed with leaves dropping and blowing all over their garden and they want a solution; that’s where we come in. We offer competitively priced budget and top-end leaf blower vacuum to cover all types of use; so no matter what, we have our customers covered!"

Larry continued on to say: "Not only are they used for blowing leaves as their name might suggest, but I personally have found several other uses for mine... After washing the car, I use mine to blow dry the small crevices I can’t reach with a cloth and on top of that if you have a leaf blower vacuum attachment, you can actually suck up things and collect it in the bag. This feature is ridiculously useful and sometimes I find myself just collecting random stuff with it just because I can."

The sale will run until the end of autumn; but to avoid disappointment, order soon as stock will run out extremely quick if 2011 is anything to go by! is currently operating on the constantly growing Online Home Retail Network. The OHR network at present hosts around 50 separate websites which all sell a wide range of products; ranging from Paslode nail guns and toilet seats to towel rail radiators and shower enclosures.

Online Home Retail Limited originally started out as Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a major rebrand in 2012. The business now employs close to 60 people in its purpose built warehouse & offices, along with a turnover that is nearing £25 million a year.
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