Could The Woodburning Stove Be An Optional Extra For The Household Car

Published: Wed Oct 17 2012

If you do a lot of commuting to and from work on those cold winter mornings, a little wood burning stove in your passenger seat might be the perfect addition to your car. Everyone always seems to be complaining that the standard heaters in cars are poor, well, here’s the answer.

Pascal Prokop from Switzerland installed a small wood burner into his aging Volvo station wagon simply because he was a tad chilly. However, to install the stove without breaking any laws, Pascal first had to obtain a permit from the Swiss technical inspection authority. In the UK, that means you’ll have to jump through about 1,000 hoops just to get the idea considered and then ultimately rejected – but still, worth a shot, right?

Pascal followed regulations just like installers have in household premises; stove flue pipe must be used correctly to ventilate fumes along with many other requirements.

Scott Morris, E-commerce Manager at added the following: "It seems unlikely that in-car stove installation will become a common feature considering the weight addition, the legalities and the fact that our winters don’t really compare to the low temperatures that Switzerland face. Nonetheless, it would make a nifty feature in pretty much any car and it would be worthwhile having one just to see what the police say when you inevitably get pulled over!"

There are several other reports of people installing multi fuel stoves and log burners in their car prior to this; with one person even stating that their in-car stove "cooked a mean steak". Not only can it be used as a source of heat, but a backseat passenger can rustle up some grub on long journeys, innovative, to say the least.

Although the likelihood of seeing a woodburning-stove on an optional accessory list when buying a new car is pretty remote, it could be a fantastic alternative to heated seats. The only downside is the limited proximity between stove and driver might cause a few burns to the arm and hand when attempting to change gear... But, every car has its quirks.

If you’ve already envisioned a stove in your car, just take into account the fuel source – wood. This isn’t Switzerland, seasoned dead wood doesn’t just crop up at the side of the road, you’ll likely have to buy it all in and stock the boot up with it (which sadly leaves little space for the weekly supermarket shop).

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