Is Your Business Ready For The Unexpected?

Published: Wed Oct 17 2012

Julius Caesar once said that no-one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.

Well we may not be in Roman times anymore but the words ring as true as ever and being prepared in business is crucial.

And it’s no all about fire, floods and acts of God – business continuity is about getting the small things right too.

Key BCM Consultancy, based in Northamptonshire and managed by expirenced advisor Marina Arthur, recognises companies are different and have different risks associated with them. But some factors are uniform and ring true of many businesses.

Marina said: "Simple things like ensuring you have more than one card reader – one on-site and one off-site, having a set room which everyone knows to manage an incident, or maybe using a third party for storing back-up tapes, are all actions which make managing the unexpected easier.

"It really is worth considering how Key BCM Consultancy Limited can assist your company. We will provide a dedicated BCM resource which is right for you.

""We pride ourselves on providing customers with dedicated resource. The services we offer cover all disciplines of business continuity, from inception to invocation.
"Whilst Key BCM Consultancy can work closely will all industries, currently those seeking our services more noticeably are those placed within the insurance industry."

The firm’s services include:
• Initial gap analysis.
• Business impact analysist development.
• Business continuity plan development.
• Training and awareness.
• Testing of business continuity plans.
• Work area recovery testing.
• Incident management.
• Mergers, acquisitions and divestments.

KeyBCM can be contacted on +44 (0) 7757 761797, or at you can also find them on Twitter at KeyBCM and at

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