Multitools Integrated Into New iPhone Case

Published: Mon Oct 29 2012

Since people started paying in excess of £200 for the latest phone technology, cases have been considerably valuable due to the extra protection they offer. However, some people have seen beyond the basic role of a phone case and as a result have tried to better the original design by incorporating additional extras. These extras take the form of USB flash drives, multi tools and a kickstand to keep the phone propped up.

This Indiegogo based project for the ReadyCase has already smashed its target fund raising goal which was $15,000. The current total of all donations contributed sits at $92,359 and only looks set to rise over the next week until it closes on the 24th October.

So, what does this ‘ReadyCase’ actually include?
A removable USB flash drive (8 or 16GB), which also doubles as a kickstand
A removable multi-tool (featuring flat-head screwdriver, a bottle opener, standard and serrated blades)
A lens ring which allows three interchangeable lenses to be swapped with ease
A headphone clip which enables your ear buds to be stored neatly and minimize the chance of wires getting tangled up

Considering the ReadyCase is only going to be 3mm thick, it’s almost impossible to comprehend how all these features are going to be incorporated. However, the developers are confident that the working prototype has no problems and is close to the stages of manufacturing.

The case will be available for the iPhone 4/4s and even the need iPhone 5; therefore it doesn’t matter if someone upgrades as they’ll be given a case for both body styles. Depending on what ‘perk’ the contribution is made for, the three extra lenses and a 16GB flash drive might also be included in this fantastic deal.

Online retailer, couldn’t help but be dazzled by this story; James Cook, part of the Marketing department commented: "This iPhone case is right up our street; it’s literally a Swiss army knife combined with an iPhone case and more! Literally everyone in the office with an iPhone has pre-ordered one of these as it’s just one of those things that will be worth 10x the money it costs in usefulness. The business is also considering a retail package which will allow us to sell the cases onto customers; if this is something that you think would be good – please get in contact with us as it will make our decision considerably easier!" is currently run on the new and ever-expanding Online Home Retail Network. The OHR network at present hosts around 50 separate websites which sell a wide range of products; everything from Trend router bits to budget woodburning stoves & bathroom taps. Online Home Retail Limited started out as Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a major rebrand in 2012. The business now employs close to 60 people in its purpose built warehouse & offices, along with a turnover that is nearing £25 million a year.
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