Avoid the pitfalls when migrating to shared services - a free webinar

From: OmPrompt Limited
Published: Mon Oct 29 2012

"There are lessons to be learned from companies who have successfully made the transition from manual to automated order processing," said Shane Deacon, Director Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Electronics at OmPrompt. "Companies evolve to shared services in different ways, some move people first, others lead with technology or follow other lines of business like finance or HR. Whichever route they take, a poorly planned migration can really hurt an organisation as we’ll learn from Paul Boone who is one of our speakers."

Thirty companies have already registered for the hour-long webinar. Contributing speakers are Peter Surtees, European Supply Chain Director for Kimberly-Clark, and Alison Fox, Director of Customer Service Europe for Smiths Medical.

Please visit www.omprompt.com/faceplant to register and learn more about how to avoid the pitfalls when transitioning from manual to automated order processing.
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