Shower Curtains Contribute Towards Indoor Air Pollution

From: Plumbworld
Published: Thu Nov 01 2012

Most people don’t think twice about the material a shower curtain is made from when they’re in buying mode; all they care about is the design and colour. However, people’s priorities when buying curtains may well change after they’re made aware of how certain materials give off body-damaging chemicals.
The Centre for Healthy, Environment and Justice recently carried out a study in order to find out what the most ‘eco-friendly’ shower curtain is. Whilst carrying out the study, results cropped up which people should really pay attention to.

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC is a common material used in shower curtains; however, this is one material that they’re recommending people to steer clear of. PVC is already known to let off phthalates which can disrupt the natural balance of hormones within the human body, so having this hanging in a bathroom probably won’t be doing anyone any favours. According to experts, over 100 different volatile organic chemicals are released by PVC and some of these are associated with developmental damage to the liver, respiratory and reproductive systems.

Not only does this occur as soon as you get a new shower curtain, but the chemicals it releases are still lingering around in the air after a month; the study revealed. Therefore, it might be best to source an alternative, many stores offer PVC free curtains, yet they’re still plastic, just without the chlorine molecules. Aside from that, a hemp shower curtain is also an option, but these come in at a much higher price tag than the other alternative materials.

James Cook, part of the Marketing Department at Plumbworld commented on the story: "It’s likely the study is entirely accurate, but the quantity of these released chemicals is unstated; so really, we don’t know how much it would take to affect the human body. But, there are always people who like to live on the safe side and that’s why there are many alternatives to shower curtains; we stock glass & plastic shower/bath screens and shower enclosures if you want to eliminate a curtain completely. This way you avoid having any of these volatile chemicals lurking around your bathroom and you don’t have to fork out ridiculous amounts of money for a hemp shower curtain; a win win I think!"

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